Tuesday, November 29

Luminance and Color Scheme - application for Instagram

i have been playing with color scheme lately on my Instagram. I had posted few other pictures with this style too some weeks ago too. and if you are following my wordpress blog, i wrote about it too. colours my world - my wordpress blog if you want to read that post.

i also have an account on coloursLOVER if you are aware of this community. my colourLOVER account to see my account. i enjoy mixing this application with the photo i took.

NOW, i just downloaded another new application called Luminance. Luminance on iTune Store for the itune store link. This apps basically helps me to change the colour tone and mood of a picture within the second. I love the filters that are available there. They are just nice for vintage, oldies and retro kind of mood. A lot of lighting and soft colours touch.

i did some experiment with this. i took the original picture and mix it with the colour scheme application. check my wordpress blog post if you want to know how i do this. the tutorial is there.the link is above scroll up to get it.

this is the picture i made prior of editing it with Luminance.

i then apply different filter from Luminance and VOILA ... it changes the whole mood and tone from this picture with another totally awesome colors palettes.

i think this is pretty cool apps. Well Enjoy it .... Happy Tuesday all.