Sunday, December 11

Kia Ora - Hello New Zealand

we are finally set to go to New Zealand this coming Wednesday, after few days of worrying of me not getting my visa to go there. Miza and Hubby are easy, they can easily pack and go to almost every destination in the world since they are holding Singapore passport.

we are so excited to explore one of the most pretty landscape in the world. New Zealand is rich with it's beautiful panoramic landscape to see, to explore or to even photograph them. We are going to explore the whole island from north to south and going back to north again. Auckland is our point of arrival as well as departure there.

Here is the map of New Zealand.

we are going to travel from Auckland and heading to Wellington and going across to south Island via Ferry. In south we are planning to go to Christchurch then Queenstown. Queenstown is our last destination in the south and we are returning back to the north via Greymouth and heading back to wellington. From Wellington we are going to head back to Auckland via Napier, Rotorua, Thames and Mata-mata. 

we are going to be on the road for 10 days, most of the night we will be sleeping on the campervan enjoying the sound of nature and open air during our breakfast, lunch and dinner. we also plan to have some nice BBQ along the way. YES! we are taking a campervan. For those of you that have not seen what campervan look like, see the video below.

we plan to visit few special place in Queenstown - like watching the Haka Show

Taking a nice onsen bath in queenstown

Going for the air baloon in queenstown, click for video here.

and on the way back from Queentown, we are going to have a nice open air lunch by the Lake of Mahinapua

having sunset at Punakaiki rocks

and finally in the north island, we will spend some time at Rotorua to see the Waikite valey thermal pools, wai-o-topu thermal wonderland and waimangu volcanic view

and lastly the hobbiton, where all the hobbit live in Shire

LOL! sounds a very busy trip ... yeah! we love to venture out and go free and easy everytime we travel. one of the most thing i love from travelling is the planning and scheduling. I love to browse the places we are going to see. Thank's to the internet it is very easy to do that. I can visualize the places we are going to see before we actually do it ourselves.

Oh well! a lot of things are booked and confirmed. Time and days are calculated .... now time to execute it. and we are going back home after chirstmas. WIsh us all the best.

Thank you .....