Sunday, January 15

Books ....

this is my Instagram picture which i took from Pasir Ris Library near home. I do a blend mode of 2 pictures together. click here to see the pictures on Instagram itself.

i have to admit i am not a bookworm, but i love to read book especially dry books. i am not into novels, fictions or sort but more into a practical book such as self-improvement books, biography or autobiography,and parenting books of-course. since i became parents, i am just stuck with parenting books.

HOWEVER, recently i am actually hunger for parenting books that are cater for Asian Style of parenting. i read too much western parenting books which i think some of it, are not suitable for the way we live here. there are certain value system that i can not implement here so a lot of time i have to modify it to suit the condition.

i had tried few time to read novel or fiction, and i failed badly. i rather enjoy the movie instead of reading the story. that is BAD! i am sure .... so i gave up looking for novels or fiction. Usually i start with the movie first then end up looking for the books, it never be the other way around.

allright ... talking about book, i found this video .... i think it's super awesome and creative work. Enjoy ... and Happy Sunday all!