Friday, January 6

Fall in Love with the works .......

the picture above i made when we were at changi village. my daughter is the point of character on this picture. i would like to couple this picture with a song ... somewhere beyond the sea ... remember nemo sang by Robbie Williams. Actually it was my hubby who suggested the song for this picture.

once my ex boss told me ... do you know what is the meaning of outstanding work? .... he said, when a person can fall in love with you because of your work, without even meet you in person. the person can see the passionate you had shown and put on the work you created .... that is OUTSTANDING work.

i still remember that words until now. it was not a nice occasion when the words delivered to me at that time, but i LEARNT from it.

as i said i had slowing down in Instagram a lot and giving my time when the opportunity allows to actually enjoy the feed i have on Instagram. I had commited to actually look out for amazing talent in Instagram which I am sure there are plenty of them if we want to look. In order to do that, I have to go out from my circle and look out.

today i tumble upon the feed belong to @safesolvent or Martin Reisch, he is from canada. His works are just amazing. click this link if you want to see it. when you see his works you feel like you are flying to a wonder land.

and usually i will not just stop on his Instagram account. I had told you before, I am a big stalker to someone who I think very talented in social media. I click all the related available links he provide for us. and check out his video ... he share how he actually made his picture on Instagram.

Well Happy Friday all! cheers!