Monday, January 30

NEW Adventure - Society6

I don't believe in staying stagnant and stay in your comfort zone without exploring other possibilities. Well I can say this, cause I am talking about creativity in general. I am not talking about a lifetime career or what so ever. I am referring to empower ourselves with creativity.I guess this can be applied in many things in life, including managing our life in order to improve further.

I have said many times, I have a blast wonderful journey in Instagram since June last year. And I had achieved quite much over there that time for me to move on to another adventure. I am still keeping up my Instagram, but I stay very low over there. It is no longer quantity that I am searching for in Instagram, but QUALITY.

My time is limited so when I log in to Instagram i really want to spend a quality time, meaning I will be there to post ONLY the post that I THINK my best for the day or the week. It is no longer posting regularly, I will post when ever i Feel GOOD about posting. Second I will scan my feed as well, I am expecting to see beautiful Inspired works from great Igers on my post. Time is limited so Inspiration is one thing I seek from Instagram. It is not about Follow for a follow OR Like for a LIKE ... but quality feed.

Moving forward from Instagram, i open up another challenge for myself that is Society6. What Is SOciety6 ... see below.

and this is the link to my Society6 online shop, click here.

and these are my works so far inside there

THE BEST thing about Society6, we got a chance to expose our works and be appreciated by the others Artist around the world. Each of us have a chance to promotes every works that come in to Society6. I think the more the works are being promoted, the more it has chance to be on the popular feed of the Society6. I have about almost all my works qualified to be sold on Society6 official Shop. I received a notification email everytime my work is qualified for that.

This notification is precious for me, it is like a confirmation of my work get recognition among other Artist work around the world. I am sure I am still very far low under compare to the rest.

If you remember Musse du Louvre in Paris long time ago around 1800, they have the concept of Salon, where all the Artist are trying to sell their works here. Brand new Artist or Famous Artist were all competing here to be recognized. From many only some were selected to be display at the Salon which is fame as Musse Du Louvre Museum in Paris. Currently there is an exhibition of some grand works from this Museum at National Museum of SIngapore, click here for info.

Just like Society6, the works are selected to be displayed at their official shop, which then will be shown to their network. Some will be used for magazine, album cover, book cover or simply personal collections.

and before i go please find one nice motion video of Society6 artist.

allright, i have to go now ... a lot to do and catch up including my morning walk. have a good day all and thank you for reading this post. cheers.