Wednesday, February 29

Instagram - 10,000 Journey

From Drop Box

Some of you who have been following my blog and my Instagram account probably know that I finally hit 10,000 following, it took me 8 month to do it. I never imagine that I can finally hit this numbers at the end. I actually did slow down a lot in Instagram for the past few months. You can read my blog post about me slowing down here and here .

and i also wrote previously my experience on Instagram for every stage of me growing up. This is my experience when i reach 5000 followers, read here. and this is my experience when i reach 3000 followers, read here.

and there are some of my best pictures so far in Instagram.

From Drop Box

Okay! so now I hit 10,000 followers what I am going to do with it. Nothing! I just continue enjoying my time in Instagram. I will be much more relax than before, and focus on quality. I will only upload picture that I think is the best for the moment. Beside I have to start focusing on my etsy shop. I am planning to sell my works there. I am doing the planning and design for my product now, before I study the cost and actually doing the work for selling. Wish me Luck.

I will post on this blog once my Etsy shop is done. Thank you everyone, happy mid week! cheers.