Tuesday, February 21

White Bedroom Project

Hello, I have been busy for the past few days re-organizing the house. We finally converted the guest room into my study room. The room start to take shape now, I still need to organize a bit more and cleaning up cluster before the final finishing touch to that room. It is better to take time and plan well, instead of rushing it.

The same goes to our master bedroom, I need to make over some of the fixtures to make it a brand new fresh look. I will keep all the furnitures that we already have and just playing with the colors. I am thinking of having white furnitures and fixtures in the master bedroom, so it will be easier to add details for the finishing touch.

here are some sample of the inspiration for me.

In order to do that, I need to know how to paint the existing fixtures to white ... Thank's to the Internet that task seems very easy to solve. I found this great tips from YouTube to start up the job.

And off course a list for shopping that I need to report to hubby so he can help me finance the project *winks.

Allright, Happy Tuesday all .. and check this indie video I found.

if you are a lomography lover like me, you can appreciate this video! forget about the lyrics :p, but look at the leak light they are playing on the video, the colors tone and off course the FONT ... FONT FONT!!! i am a font freak too.

cheers everyone!