Monday, March 19

All about Bokeh!

i do love bokeh, i love it a lot in fact. i have been doing it. i did some real bokeh, meaning i shot it direct from my camera just like the picture you see above. and i had created bokeh using applications on my iphone a lot too. see picture below.

i had shared some tips how to create bokeh on iphone application here, you can follow through my steps and download all the applications recomended if you want to.

i had also posted few weeks ago how i do a bokeh collage on my iphone. it was originally a simple shot on my bedroom. i then blur the picture and add the boken using lenslight. afterwards i play with recoloring the picture again and again and finally i made the collage. see below for the picture.

and finally to end this post, check out the tutorial video how to make bokeh using point and shot camera. isn't it life amazing! you can do amazing things with only few simple steps. Enjoy! and Happy Monday everyone.