Thursday, March 22

Decor in a Day - Easy Decorating Project

today based on my schedule i suppose to blog about DIY anything crafty or DO it Yourself project. I have not done anything myself, but I never stop gathering inspiration and ideas from many sources on the internet.

so today, i would like to share some of my finding - things that you can do it yourself easily at home to help change the mood of your home decor instantly.CLICK on each picture to get to the original post where you can read the instruction HOW to do IT! Hope you like my sharing ... cheers:

Instant Medicine Cabinet

Organize your office at home

Dressing up the dining room

If you click on the link provided on each picture, you will see many more amazing ideas that you can follow through.

On top of that you can visit my pinboard on pinterest about HOME ORGANIZING, DIY PROJECT and WORKSPACE inspiration.

Happy Thursday ALL! Love always .....