Thursday, March 15

Having a Good Time at Harris Hotel - Batam

we spend our short holiday at Harris Hotel in Batam. there are 2 Harris hotel in Batam, once is Harris Resort Hotel and Harris Hotel. The one we chose is the Harris Hotel near Batam Center. The location is very convenient for a short trip. It is near the MegaMall at Batam Center and the ferry terminal. click here to find out more about this hotel. 

the room is neat and clean and very comfortable for us. we do have our room service massage too, the 3 of us, which is the 2 package are from the free voucher for staying for 2 nights. It was a good deal for us. Based on the information given by the staff there will be a designated spa room next month. The hotel comes with swimming pool as well and nice breakfast package.

We love it! we might repeat again for a short holiday or weekend gateway to Harris Hotel Batam Center. We like MegaMall which comes handy with some of our favorite Indonesian food restaurant such as Solaria and Warung Cobain. There are Hypermart as well where we can stock up for some of our groceries from Indonesia like Kerupuk (chips). 

Oh Well! It is recommended for you if you do happen to plan a trip to Batam. Cheers.