Wednesday, March 7

Heading to Europe!

Finally we are heading to Europe this coming June. There is so much we have to do to make it happen, especially for me. I am holding an Indonesian passport therefore I have so much to settle especially my visas requirement to travel to Europe. This take sometimes to settle it, therefore we have to make our trip decision as soon as possible so I can apply for my visa earliest as possible.

I have been busy browsing around the internet and newspaper to build up a good compact and affordable Itinerary for us. We try to focus the central Europe this time. We are aiming for England, Netherlands, French, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany if possible with a little bit of Switzerland along the way as well as Monaco. 

I am currently working on the road trips and what is the best possible option, to run all by our self or engaged a ready made program by tour agent and stick with their agenda. We have few options from the Tour Agent ready, all I need to do is to call them and confirm for the booking. From this tour agent we have almost the same countries to cover as well plus Italy. 

BUT, i will hold that for a while, I want to see the possibility to arrange it myself so we have more days staying in one country before moving to another country. We will See!

It is quite exciting! Wish Us all the BEST!