Friday, March 30

Our 10th years anniversary - March 2012

Our 10th years anniversay

yesterday, 29th March 2012 is our 10th years anniversary. hubby came back from work with a bouquet of flowers {purple roses} and another petite bouquet of 3 roses. he said, "the big one is for you and the little one is for my little darling", he smiled.

 this one is for me

flowers from Hubby - March 2012

this one is for miza { our daughter }

3 roses for miza from hubby

we came a long way together. we knew each other since 1988 all the way until today. we started out as a penfriend for quite sometimes. while i was in NYC and he was in Brunei we did write letters to each other, on and off we kept in touch to each other by letters or phone sometimes. and all came into a happy ending when i finally moved in to Singapore in 2000 to work here as an accountant. he was the one who helped me settle down here and being there for me through thick and thin of my social adjustment in Singapore.

we came along way together

we finally got married in 2002 and have our only daughter in 2004. Life has been wonderful for us, we never forget to thank GOD for that. as what hubby said, we might not be happy all the time, but what is IMPORTANT is we are very CONTENTED with what we have. It might not be an extraordinary life after all but we cherish every moment of it. our experience together to manage our family and working together to groom our daughter.

 Have a pleasant Friday everyone! cheers!