Friday, March 16

This Week Book - Romantic Style

i had just finished reading this book. it is a home interior book, i just love the whole things inside the book. the pictures quality are amazing as well as the idea and inspiration. off course it might not be all practicable for me living in a hot and humid country like Singapore. But for sure there are ideas and inspiration i can pick up along the way.

if you want to know more about this book, click here, this is the barnes and noble online store.

according to the book there are few style of Romantic Style : Vintage Romantic, Simple Romantic, Elegant Romantic and Modern Romantic.

the book also cover the most important part to get the style in place ~ the essentials of romantic styling ~ which are colour, flowers&fabric, on display items and lighting. If you notice the bright vibrant romantic colors of the items around the house are very prominent on this style, as well as flowers and patterns everywhere in the house.

the last part of the books cover some ideas how to decorate part of the house, like cooking and eating, living, sleeping, bathing and outdoors.

i really enjoy flipping the books, i feel like i want to own the book myself :p

allright to end this post, let me post a video from youtube for the romantic style inspiration. Enjoy! and Happy Friday all!