Tuesday, March 6

WaterMark my Photos!

i finally decided to watermark all my works in Instagram. I had removed some of my pictures out from Instagram and will be reposting them bit by bit again. I will watermark pictures which I think are art works not really daily pictures. To me they are precious, they are my heart and soul, and I put so much effort to make those pictures, so it is only right i claim the property for my own work and creation.

I do not really care about being Popular or having so much followers in Instagram. I had achieved what I want to achieve  from there. So Yes! I use Instgram as another gallery for my works on line. 

There are few watermarks applications on Iphone, but I like this one. A+ Signature, it is so easy to use and the fonts selections are many. here is the link for the Itune Store, click here.

Allright, Have fun all!