Saturday, April 21

Getting my Self Organized - Lovely Finding on the internet

honestly, i don't like clutter at home. 
it creates so much stress and anxiety
especially if you live here in Singapore
our house is so small so space is very precious for us

so De-cluttering is always my favorite topic on the Internet too
i believe as we grow up and the better educate we are
in term of LIFE SKILL, we understand how
important it is to LIVE simple and well organized

check out the wisdom from this video, it is worth to share

and one of the other great thing is to have schedule in our life
from daily schedule, weekly schedule, our goal etc etc
i have collect some great findings on my pinterest for the printable schedule
you can just easily download them to your computer or save it
and print it when you need it, click HERE for the link

and lastly watch this video who share us some outstanding TIPS

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