Wednesday, April 25

my Instagram - one week highlights


these are the pictures i took using my iphone last week
they are on my Instagram account
1. the purse i got from accesorize, i swoon the vintage look of it
2. the collections of adhesive pocket i got from paper market
3. a very well done cappucino from Mc Caffee at whitesand mall
4. Ms. Liberty i pick up from Kiehl's at Parkway Mall
5. Once Upon a Time when Instagram was so much easier for me
6. piece of fabric i got from Daiso, only $2 each


continues to these collections too
i snap almost everyday, when i have a chance i do it
i love the instant feeling out of it
snap, edit and share all at the same time
and i think that what makes Instagram great!
1. You are my SuperStar, my next Freebies project for my blog
2. my collections of scrapbooking embelishment i got from PaperMarket
3. Sunset from my window looking out to the landscape of Pasir Ris Drive 1
4. my sweet and lovely heart cushion i got from IKEA
5. my daughter's IPOD cover, Hello Kitty
6. my table was ready to welcome my friends from Jakarta for Lunch at home

and lastly enjoy the sweet music from

 >>>Lisa Ekhdal<<<

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