Tuesday, April 10

my Photography .... Shop Window Lover

@refinehere, all rights reserved

when come to photography i always have specific reference, either they have to be vintage looking, cute, sweet, pretty, colorful and rich of pattern. I am not into a landscape, nature, macro or candid photography. I like to capture pretty things around our everyday life. even when i travel i have these specific criteria on my mind, this make it easier for me to focus.

one of my hobby is capturing picture of show window. i am not into window shopping at all, but i love to see unique design/ interior of shop window. i collect pretty picture of shop window on my pinterest, click here if you want to see them.

@refinehere, all rights reserved
and i found one pretty video from vimeo, this is the work of yoko furusho, she is an illustrator from Japan, and see how beautifully she draw on the shop window here.

and this is one of my most favorite shop window picture i found from the internet so far.

and if you remember the movie HUGO, it has the most beautiful pictures of shop window setting. it has a romantic, vintage, classic and Parisien feeling when you see all the shops decor inside the train station on the movie. check out the trailer here

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