Monday, April 16

my plan for the week


one of the best thing on blogging is THAT, i can allow my self to jolt down
and commit to the things i want to do in life .....
it feels like an obligation once you write it down in public
you are oblige to complete it. 
it is only normal! cause you walk the talk

anyway ....
this week is always busy just like my other weeks
even-though i am not working and holding a job as a stay home mum
i can guarantee you i am super BUSY everyday
sometime i feel 24 hours a day is not enough for me

so this week ....

1. i need to finalize my visa application for Italy
2. work with my daughter on her daily schedule as we discussed on Sunday
3. move my scrapping materials from my daughter's room to our work space 
4. update my GOODREADs for more new books from library
5. write book review for my blog
6. start my morning walk, this is a MUST

well! i keep it simple, let's make it happened
the more I am able to check the list above
the more confident I am to declare my self
capable of clearing out my commitment

DO you KNOW where you are going to?
by Diana Ross
is very inspiring to start a MONDAY
it is always to good to reflect to our own self
and jolt down our thought ....

and last one ....
some inspiring finding from my pinterest

Happy Monday all!
Cheers :)

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