Wednesday, April 11

my Polyvore - collection of my art fashion expression

Bohemian Girl! {red}

Bohemian Girl! {red} by refinehere on

i do LOVE collage when come to working on my Polyvore account. 
if you want to visit my polyvore, click here.

i do come to my polyvore account when i feel good creating.
expressing my taste in fashion is always specific too.
i love Bohemian style, bright striking colors, flora pattern
and JEANS off course.

I am not going into brand, I am more into the design and the style.
I love hopping around the fashionista blogger and see how the fashion out there.

Those days are spoken to me nonstop

Those days are spoken to me nonstop by refinehere featuring a luggage

i remember every dream

it is FUN playing with Polyvore and I love it.
Cheers ....

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