Monday, April 9

Society6 - new items available

in celebration of my new blog theme and design, that i had created myself, i created a series of new item on my Society6 shop. I named this series Ocean Breeze. I don't stop just there, i also created some FREEBIES on my blog to celebrate the same event too. I made some desktop calendar and iphone lock and home screen for the same theme. click here to download the freebies. I am new to this download and share the file from blog. I am still learning! please bare with me. Just in case the link does not work, you can visit the whole file on my photobucket account. it is open for public you can download it from there. this is the link, click here for the desktop set and click here for the phone set.


and these are some snaps of the items i made on Society6 for April 2012. I named them, Ocean Breeze Series 1 and Ocean Breeze Series 2.



and enjoy this video from Bebel Gilberto to complete the whole series of Ocean Breeze. Happy Monday all! Cheers ......

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