Thursday, May 31

Camera+ - iphone applications

one of my favorite iPhone application to snap photos is camera+ click here to check it out . I use it a lot on top of some other favorite applications that I had mentioned a lot under my Instagram tag, click HERE to read more about them. 

What is the best thing about camera+, it has all the basic editing tool for your pictures. I never use my flash when i snap pictures using my iPhone. I will add the light using the applications, one of them is camera+. It has the option named scenes, over here you have many options to choose including backlit, flash,flourescent, sunset, potrait etc. 

It comes with 36 amazing filters as well. It is called Fx Effects, they are grouped into 4 categories, color, retro, special, ILoveAnalog. My most favorite filters here are diana, nostalgia, expired, XPRO C-41 and Cross Process. check out below the sample of the filters that are available.

Lastly I love to use phonto to add detail on my pictures. Phonto is great with typography, they have amazing spread of fonts that you can choose. It is a FREE application and make sure you update it when they have new versions. They keep adding up new fonts everytime and that is really cool.

Allright .... Cheers! have fun snapping pictures with your iphone.

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