Friday, May 25

FLICKR i swoon for the week

source: refinehere's favorite photos on FLICKR

Hello Friends ....
It has been slipped out my schedule to actually posting my FLICKR i swoon for the week. I have been so busy organizing my blog as well as my trip to Europe. Yes! I am going to Europe in one week time. I am so very excited about it.

So these are some pictures i gave my heart out on FLICKR, they are amazing collections, I love everyone of them. I really wish to be able to take pictures like these one day. They are surely my Inspiration. Let's start - as usual - From TOP to the RIGHT and goes down to the next row start from the LEFT moving forward to the RIGHT and continue on. 

9, Dresse

I usually do 26 picks per week, I love seeing beautiful pretty photographs on the net, so Yes! i collect many of them almost everywhere. On my pinterest, Instagram, WeHeartit, Tumblr and Flickr. You can check out my collections if you happened to be on one of my mentioned social gathering on the internet :)

source: refinehere's favorite photos on FLICKR

the next pax are from the following link, please feel free to visit the link and follow the contact if you want too

6. eggs
8. Neon2

Okay till next time for the same posting on my blog! cheers everyone ... <3

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