Wednesday, May 2

Freebies - Hello May :-), desktop and phone screen

Free for you - just right click and save to your computer

Hello .... Oh May Gosh! 
It's the 5th month of the year
the year goes so fast without we even realize it
i remember when i was a kid,
i felt the day went too slow
it was like forever to wait for the morning again
but NOW .... booooom! it's 5th month of the year

I made this clip art for you, 
you are FREE to download it, just click right
and save it to your computer


On top of these words are FREEBIES
they are a desktop screen for you as well as
iphone Lock and Home Screen for you
Hope you like them, just like i do.

Lastly another Lisa Ekdahl I am just in love with her voice lately
and do not FORGET to TURN OFF the radio {just click on it to turn it off}
my blog is my daily radio ... pardon moi! :)

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