Friday, May 18

Instagram I luv - @ditut

source: @ditut in Instagram
There is one very special lady who happened to be a friend too .... @ditut aka Dita Wistarini. She is everything you can imagine as a very creative socialmedia diva. She crafts, she bakes, she blogs, she draws, she photograph and she is one super cute mommy too. This is beyond my imagination to finally found an Indonesian friend in Instagram with so many creativeness in her department. And she is one super FRIENDLY lady.

I have to be honest here, she was my FIRST inspiration in Instagram that influences me to fall in LOVE with photography. I like her style, she is a very homiest person. All her pictures are things around her life with special touch on each of the works. I even bought her book, I take up learning on photography slowly by using her book as start. Check below the preview of her book video which is done by her husband @pinot who happened to be in Instagram as well.

@ditut draws too and they are super amazing drawing, she has her shop in Society6 as well as her own creative family blog, click here to visit.

source: @ditut in Instagram
One post is not enough to describe how amazing dita is, to fulfill your curiousness check out her CUPCAKE blog too, it is her dream to have her own cupcake store one day. All the best DITA ... and lastly enjoy one sweet video done by @pinot in vimeo, this video captures their family time together ... very sweet and well crafted video ... enjoy

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