Tuesday, May 29

Instagram - I Luv @_mone

I had posted earlier about my feature post, Instagram - I luv, It is my hobby to explore pretty pictures out there, and this time feature post belongs to @_mone

@_mone is very special! I adore her creativity and consistent style which is soft dreamy vintage theme all the time from the day 1 i follow her. when I saw her stream the first time, I was amazed of how creative she can be with every piece of works she posted on Instagram. She is so creative on editing her works with many different applications that is available out there. I love applications as well, so I know how many layers and tediousness edit she must had gone through to present her work on Instagram. Each of them are special, they are purposely made by her for that particular moment.

I have some others Instagramers that I follow who LOVEs editing picture on Instagram just like @_mone, I will share them one by one on my future posts. 

Two photogrpahy styles I love in Instgram, first organic day to day styles purely iphone shots and second edited pictures using iphone applications only. The earlier style which is stylist day to day theme are presented earlier by @ditut and @julieblum. And @_mone is the first post I do for the edited works.You will see more of them coming onto my post. I love to keep them on my journal. They are indeed an inspiration.

you can follow @_mone on this link, or everytime you click on the picture above, it will bring you right to her Instagram account that you can freely browse her works and follow her if you want too.

I hope you enjoy her works as much as I do. Thank you @_mone for letting me blog you, i hope you are reading this blog post too.


  1. These are amazing!! Thanks for sharing. :) And thanks for your comment on my blog and FB. Glad to have you as a reader. :)

  2. Hi Refine. This blog has so much better look now.. Love it. Keep update, go share more... :)


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