Thursday, May 10

Instagram I Luv - @julieblum

I think i had mentioned this many times on my blog
i have specific likes and preferences when come to photography
i am not into candid, landscape or big space photography
i am more into small things around our everyday life
something personal with a lovely touch
something that bring story to be captured

the same goes with Instagram
my preference stick the same, in fact start with this post
i will do a regular post for my Instagram account pick
i will pick my favorite Igers for the week.

this week pick will be for a lovely Igers
>>> @Julieblum at Instagram<<<
you can click HERE to check her profile on Instagram
and feel free to follow her as well.


  1. Hello Refinehere !

    Thank you so much for this lovely post !!!! You are really sweet !

    I'm so pleased to read kind words like that, so pleased you really like my pics !

    Thank you again.

    I will read your blog regularly, it seems vintage and cute like I like.



  2. I am glad you like it. thank you so much Julie.


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