Sunday, May 13

Michelle Phan - the YouTube beauty queen

Michelle was in Italy, recently .... :))))
she went to florence and most of the places i will be going in June
One thing about her, i love and love her video
she does it very well, i fall in love with her works since 2 years ago
i have been following up her video on YouTube on and off
my daughter loves it too ... we enjoy watching her work together

However what i want to share here is
>>>the FAWN - for all women network<<<
click HERE to visit it

i always LOVE to watch how the internet young entrepreneurs bloom in the industry
they are young, smart, trendy, uptodate and always full of creativity

most of michelle video are homemade
meaning everyone of us can produce it at home
off course .... with the right tools and editing skill 
there are so much we can do and learn from the internet
and that is one thing i would LOVE to inspire my daughter

be CREATIVE, be ORIGINAL and LOVE what you are doing
a little trick for secret happiness and successful life

Happy Mother's Day

and enjoy Florence according to Michelle's eye

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