Wednesday, May 16

my Everyday snapshots ....

i finally had uninstalled my INSTAGRAM, but don't get me wrong ....
i will not uploading my works to Instagram anymore, HOWEVER, i still go inside to Instagram to search for inspiration. i will use my FLIPBOARD from Ipad as well as INSTAGALERYi will continue to look for inspiring works in Instagram and share my findings here on my BLOG. click HERE to read my previous post about it.

NOW, is that mean i will stop taking pictures on the daily basis, using my IPHONE only??? ..... off course no ....
I love the magic Iphone can do to our daily photo taking, I will continue this hobby, but instead of uploading them  to Instagram, I use NOTICA as my ONLY tool to snap my daily photos and upload it to Google+ and Photobucket

these are some shots i did for the past few weeks ....

it is FUN to work with Notica. i love to make my workflow on the internet so much easier to manage, i sync a lot of accounts into one pool so it is easy for me to use them  for my own purposes. i find ways to streamline my access to socialmedia, the less screen i have to visit the BETTER i would be :)

i am pretty clear with what I want from the Internet, so i FOCUS on those things that matter the MOST and forget about the REST, otherwise I can be dying spending so much of my times in-front of the NET

lastly another IPHONE only work, a video I made last night, i uploaded this video to YouTube for sharing. i believe on the magic of SMART PHONE ... so let's fully utilize them to the max

i use 8mm vintage camera for Iphone and iMovie to edit them for the music background, before i uploaded to YouTube i did a little touch up on MovieMaker for the captions, tittle and credit pardon the wrong spelling and stuff, it was very late last night when i did this .... :p

hope you enjoy it ... cheers!

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