Monday, May 21

My SnapShots for the week

These are the pictures I took with my iPhone4 last week. These are things around my neighborhood. I took it within the same day just before sunset and right after sunset. I love the blue effect of the sun rays give to us around that hours. I snapped these pictures using notica and filter them with notica as well. Click HERE to check out about notica.

I like this application, I can keep photos as photo diary with the polaroid look. See here sample of how the photos were kept in polaroid format. And check here to see my daily snapshot album from my iPhone on my photobucket account.

Last week I also collected my Europe visa from Italian Embassy. With this, I am officially eligible to fly to Europe at anytime :) I am so excited about it. This week we have to start packing. And I need to jolt down all our hotel address and how to get there from the train station. We will travel light and simple this time, we move around a lot from one city to another city in 21 days.

I am also just setting up my dropbox account where I will be uploading most of my pictures from Europe, be it they are from my iPhone or Camera. It is better to back up pictures somewhere save on top of the hard drive too.I learnt my lesson that I lost most of our pictures from our trip to Hong Kong and Japan because of the external drive problem. Up till now, I have not got the chance to go and fix my external drive.

I found some useful information from the net, i put it down here for my own reference:

A regular quality photo, taken from mobile phone or such a device will usually be around 200kb
A high quality photo such as one taken by a small or cheap camera will usually be around 400kb - 500kb.
A high definition photo, take by an expensive HD or profesional camera would usually be around 1mb -1.5 mb


A50gb computer can store about 10,000 photos
A 100 gb computer can store about 20,000 photos
A 150 gb computer can store about 30,000 photos
and so on ....... with that in mind I have to be cautious with how I am going to store and organize my pictures. One thing about digital photography TODAY, is not just about snapping pictures but STORING and SHARING too .... :p

these are pictures I took from home with notica too. I wish I can make accessories by myself one day. I have many ideas to make, but I put them on hold until I come back from Europe. I have gathered inspiration, ideas and tutorials from the net for that. And if you want to know, those pile of on the right corner are boxes, they are my daughter's shopping for her science tools/toys from the science exhibition at school last week.

Allright! How about you? what did you snap from your camera or mobile phone last week?

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