Thursday, May 3

myIphone Shots for the week


These are some of my iphone shots for the week
I uploaded them to my Instagram, StreamZoo or just keep it on my camera roll
 these bunch come to the things around my workspace
group of stationeries that sit nicely and peacefully together, i shot them with
my Hipstamatic camera on my iphone, including the books. 
Click here for an article about a good hipstamatic combo for your reference.
My feet with my brown leathered timberland sandal, 
books that my daughter borrowed from the library last week,
and an iphone illustration using coolibah {the BIRD}


these are another bunch i shot with iphone camera
picture of my daughter doing her homework, it is my habit to sit next to her 
and watch her study. i usually end up doing something 
or reading something while she is studying
a sweet picture i took few months ago during the moon festivals
and i edited with a different touch to give a new look
a picture of my inspiration board that i curated digitally
picture of bunch of cupcakes at downtown east
picture of the new hipstamatic casing, i did not buy it tough
and another shot of the things on my study table

and I watch this DVD at home
>>> The art of getting by <<<
i like the story line on top of everything else
i do love the style of the film was edited
full of chromax effect which is my fav filter
recommended for parents {of the teens especially}, really! Good Movie
click HERE for some info about this movie

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