Thursday, May 10

mySnapShots for the week


I did not do much with Instagram
It was kind of demotivating me in Instagram that I need to change it
I have to be honest with you, I am very bad when come to social gesture
even in the internet world I am very bad with it
Most of the times I come to the internet for specific purpose
my time is limited, therefore I have to be quick and dandy
I can not stay too long in one URL spot
So when things start to get overwhelming, i usually just quit LOL


I decided to leave my original Instagram account
I start new and fresh, where it is more quite
I do not follow many people here and I am not intend to do so anymore
I feel bad, to follow someone for the sake JUST following without any responsibility
when I follow someone it is only right I will LIKE and COMMENT their works
I can not afford it .... there are too many of them
I just feel bad about it
So I left ... I start new and I keep it quite 
I will not be there actively anymore like before, I come when I only have time


Allright, so there is no Instagram update for this week
It will be the same for the whole month of June too, I will be in Europe for almost a month
So for this post - i posted my snapshot I had done with my Lumix G2
these are roses i collect at home 
I just love the look of it - very vintage and shabby 
Enjoy ... cheers!

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