Wednesday, May 30

on my Shopping List - e-course

when come to online shopping, i ONLY buy e-book or e-course so far. maybe i am a bit reserved when come to purchasing something without seeing the stuffs for real. i need to touch, see and smell them before i finally decide to spend some of my saving on that :p It might be change soon, who knows? I saw so many wonderful creations in ETSY that i could  not believe they were all made from home.

I had purchased two online e-course about blogging. the first one is from elsie cake { beautiful mess} and  my second purchase is from dana { wonder forest}. Both of them wrote an amazing online course about blogging. It gives us a good tips how to start our blogging experience. 

this time i need some inspirations to be creative. it is also my mission to understand how some of us can be very successful on doing their online business just like these two ladies.

the first one is Kelly Rae Roberts, click HERE for her blog. she is an amazing artist, i love her collage works. She is everything you can think of as a successful online business woman. Her book are being translated all the way to china.

I am going to purchase FLYING LESSONS, tips and trick to help your creative business soar from her. You can read all about it from this link. she gives us all the details of what are the things we will be getting from the e-course. it cost us $55 for the whole lesson. And I love her details even for the introduction of this e-cours.

the next e-course i will be purchasing right after i come back from our holiday in June is DRAW LIKE A ROCKSTAR by Batzy RockShop. click HERE to read about it. Right after i read her blogpost, i know this will be a good course not only for me but for my daughter as well. my daughter loves drawing and doodling, and the good things about this e-course from Batzy is, it come with video tutorial, how awesome is that.

I can not wait to explore these two e-courses that i will be getting once i return from my holiday. These ladies are amazing they are full of inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your secret with us.

Cheers all ....

Note: all the images belong to each of the blogger, click all the links to bring you right back to their blog. thank's

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