Sunday, May 20

Playing with Instagram

I do love editing on Instagram as much as taking pictures. At times I can be very wild and free when come to editing. These are few of my works on Instagram where I played a lot with applications. It is hard to explain what are the applications I used for certain works, because It can be many of them. I worked layer by layer using my Iphone4 only and nothing else. 

99% of my works on Instagram are purely Iphone4 work. I shoot the pictures using Iphone4, editing them with Iphone4 and share it almost instantly as well. And I think that is the magic of Instagram, that what makes Instagram different from any other photography media. It's the work solely with Iphone 4

I am not active on Instagram for the time being, I am just too busy with things around my life including blogging. I need to realign my focus on the social media world and re-asses it once again. I was neglecting my blog almost for half a year because of Instagram. I was too busy building up my performance in Instagram .... :p. I reached what I want to discover from Instagram after 6 months. I gained more than 10K followers, getting 2500 likes on few of my pictures as well as having each of my works on Popular pages. However it becomes too much at the end .... I have to keep up with friends and followers as well as doing my contribution to the communities. I became less active and less active after my 7th month. It did bring impact on my performance in Instagram. I got less likes and comments and hardly went to the popular page anymore. To me, it is only normal - you get what you had put in. So I came to the conclusion to finally uninstall my Instagram

There are so many amazing tools for picture editing on Iphone, most of my works you see here are edited using the following applications : cute, filterstorm, photofx, Pixlr-o-matic {just click each words to bring you to the iTune store for download, if you are on Android you might want to Google it further}.

Allright - time for me to prepare dinner! have fun all, cheers!

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