Sunday, May 20

self portrait Saturday -

it's Sunday now for me - though the tittle of the blog is Self Potrait Saturday. It is a very hot afternoon now and we are planning to go outside the house soon to exchange some Euro currency for our upcoming trip to Europe. This post is to join up with WonderForest regular post every Saturday.

I snap some pictures at my home too along with this self potrait,  just to help shimmering down the heat from outside :p Oh! We still have to go out regardless .... :(

come and join us for the Saturday Self Potrait - cheers!


  1. lovely shots :)
    thanks for linking up with us!
    xox dana

  2. Hi dana, thank you very much. It is a nice surprise for me to have you commented on my blog. I am one of your blog fans. I love the soft color tone of your blog, it is very special. cheers! and thank you again


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