Thursday, May 24

TODAY - super busy Day!

We start the day with a visit to the library to exchange our books with the new ones for the up coming week before we fly off for our June holiday. Then a visit to my daughter school for the parent teacher meeting. 

playing with canon right after we finished lunch at the mall somewhere in the east of Singapore. I need to take my self photo for something, and i happened to see this orange background at the mall, i thought to myself this is a perfect background that I can use for my self-photo ... so ... click click click .... :p

a visit to TOYsRÚs, because of my daughter's good result in school, she has an additional bonus from us from this heavenly place for kids or adults like me in particular :p. we enjoyed browsing the new collection for the Sylvanian Families, we collect this toys together for 2 years now. And look what I found here, LaLaLoopsy dolls. We saw her in New Zealand last year. She is so super cute ... I can not stop hugging them. She probably will be our next candidate for collections ... :p

She reminds me of the movie Coraline the girl with the button eyes,Right after the mall we went home to do our project. My daughter had been talking about the sleep-over that she wants to do with her classmate. I know this might not be possible considering it is not easy for kids to have a sleep-over here especially for their age. BUT, i go ahead and support her on preparing the invitation cards for her friends. It was fun experience for us, since it has been quite sometime we did not do any scrap-booking thingy at home due to our busy schedule. So it was a nice freshen up for both of us before we are going to sleep like .... right now :

i just love the simple design we came up with. and i think the color combination that she chose are perfect, it is a popular color combo TODAY! good job girl!

Allright ... good night everyone!

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