Thursday, May 17

what CREATIVITY means to me

I love to be CREATIVE, to me being creative is FUN. Everyday is a different adventure. It is no longer the same thing everyday. I keep learning new things and be inspired by everything around me

with Social Media everything seems to be MUCH easier, we can search for inspiration almost on every URL we can find. we can search for tips, tutorial, know-how-to-do etc openly on the net. Just like what i always told my daughter,we are capable on learning EVERYTHING and ANYTHING as long as we know WHERE, HOW and WHAT to find them on the internet

CREATIVITY has also helped my confident because with this I created something out of nothing. I make something with my own capabilities and the result is OUT THERE. I do not have to create stories for others to believe me, the result speak for itself

That is WHY keep improving myself , it is very CRUCIAL because CREATIVITY is never enough, it is not stopping, the more we know the more we can create .....

lastly enjoy the video that i found from VIMEO, 29 ways to stay creative ...and believe me, i do most of these ....


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