Tuesday, May 22

Why are we here? - something I learnt from Instagram

Have we ever wondered, why are we HERE on social media? why are we tweeting, why we need to update our status from time to time? why are we so hungry to post something and share it to the whole world instantly? Have we? ..... ever wondered?

The answered maybe different from each one of us. If I have to list it down, I don't know how am I going to do that, there are billions of us out there actively connecting in the cyberspace. Some are here for ranting their days and soul out from the mind and not really bother what other might said. Some might be here for trading, hence numbers and statistic become their main issue. The other some here might be looking for being the top of the charts, POPULARITY and getting masses to know them inside and out. And so on and so on ......

Recently after I start to blog again, I realized there are many of us out there who live in their little corner, a quite pretty place and very whimsical. They are not worry with what is happening out there, They take thing slowly and let it grow organically. They are more worried of sharing good content above everything else. They are passionate with what they are doing, that when we happened to be in their world we can feel it instantly, the magic of creative surreal they brought forward to the media online community. THEY SPARK inspiration like magic ... they move others and they leave traces ....

These people are amazing. Everyday when I am on my PC, I met them one by one .... and they link me up to other and other and other .... and without I know it, I have a pull of great inspiration inside all the links I kept on my PC. When they day end, when I come back and gather what I found from the Internet, It is like looking at the magical work of art ... beautiful pieces along and sure make my heart warm and keep my smile alive.

Coming from THIS, i would like to share some tips from my Instagram's experience that I hope you will not have to face it. My opinion might not be the same as yours, but that is the beauty of sharing on the online community, we respect and value each other opinion.

I had realized, It is better to know what is our purpose inside the Instagram in the first place. We have to be clear with that. For some, connection is the important things, others is POPULARITY, others to sell their product and others to gather INSPIRATION ... and there is nothing wrong with each one of them. But it would be better if we are clear with what we want out of Instagram. 

With this in mind, we have a clear direction whom we want to follow. We align our mission with what we want to get on our feed everyday when we log into Instagram. 

We change, we grow up in Instagram therefore we align our mission inside the Instagram as well. For some, it is not a big deal they just go with the flow - and that is nothing wrong with that too. We are free and independent to make our own choice.

For me - it is clear now, I am looking for inspiration from Inside Instagram. Therefore I align my mission inside Instagram accordingly. It is the last thing I want from Instagram when I log in and end up with feed that is not within my liking or preference. My time is limited therefore I have to be wise enough to use it ....

How about you? What are you looking for from Instagram?

Lastly enjoy the beautiful video from Jyri in Vimeo, He is a scientist, musician and photographer at the same time. His works are amazing, I just love to be inside his channel, I found peace every time I hear his music as well as visualizing his aspiration for that set of moment.

Enjoy ... cheers!

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