Friday, June 15

Art Journal - my next exploration from the internet world

source: Studio Tangie
my next project on the internet is to explore the endless possibility of art journaling. i remember my sister has done it for many years on her own little diary. at that time i don't understand what it is called. now i know, it is called - art journal with mix media items. 

i even collected some great inspiration on journal on my pinterest, click HERE to see them. There are so many inspiring works inside the world of pinterest for art journaling. this includes Tangie Baxter  from Studio Tangie. Tangie had a great tutorial in youtube for the Junk Journal. click HERE to bring you to her account on YouTube.

The other inspiring diva on the mix media art journaling is JanniBellie from YouTube. me and my daughter enjoy the tutorial video from Jenni's channel. we just love how she mix and match things with outstanding selection of colors. she made recycle items into a beautiful art works. check out her video below.

and the following are the works from Jennibellie on her blog, click HERE to visit her blog. She owns an ETSY shop too, click here for the link.

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