Saturday, June 2

Away for Holiday!

Hello friends,
by the time you read this post i might be inside the aero-plane heading to Helsinki for transit then heading right to Rome. Yes! we are going to start our Europe adventure finally. We will be heading to few places in Europe for 21 days.

We will be staying in Italy for some days then France, followed by Spain and heading all the way up back to Netherlands before we finally flying back home to Singapore.

We will be visiting few places in Italy like Rome, Venice, Florence and Pisa. We spend few night in every city to enjoy the days and views. The same as France, we will be spending sometimes in Paris including the Disney Euro, then Nice for 2 night. While we are in Nice we want to drive up to Monaco as well as Canes. I really want to see Nice { cote d'azzure}. From Nice we continue our journey to Barcelona and Madrid in Spain. If we have time we want to see Cordova, visiting the Muslim Heritage there. From Spain we spend one night in Geneva. I love Geneva, I went there once sixteen year ago, a fine little city with all the classical buildings. After Geneva we are heading to Netherlands for our final destination in Europe before we fly back home to Singapore.

We are going to commute using the Eurorail, It is a fast train that can beat the destination within hours in Europe. We will be sleeping for 2 night on the train, the destination from France to Spain back and for are perfect for the night train. We are going to experience the first class cabin on EuroRail ... hahahha just like the old movie - It is so exciting to looking out for this experience. 

I will not be posting a lot while I am on the journey, but I will definetelly snap a lot of pictures along the way. We bring camera for each one of us. My daughter loves photography as well, she will bring her own camera to share the memory on our other blog too. I am trying to do some nice holiday video to upload to youtube or vimeo. I also bring my InstaxFx ... yeah go Insta!!!

However, I had prepared my schedule post, so this blog will not be empty even I am not back home in Singapore. I had prepared all the post all the way until i return back to Singapore. They are right there up on the net just waiting for the schedule to be published.

I thank you so much if you are keep coming back to read my blog, i really do appreciate that. I am so grateful with what my blog has been doing. It generates almost 3000 page visit in the last one month. I think that is incredible! off course this is nothing compare to the rest, but for me it is indeed a good start.

Allright! whenever you read this post, i thank you very much :)

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