Thursday, June 7

Awesome Pick from VIMEO

These videos come from Nikita Sursin's channel on Vimeo. I stumble upon the account from a like done by the vimeo user that I am following. As usual, my curiosity is not stopping, I roll for another video then another video ... and OMG they are all super awesome videos. 

There are about 26 videos on the channel and almost all of them are crafted beautifully. I believe Nikita is an event video-grapher based on the collections on the channel.

you can check beautiful wedding videos right on this channel too. Nikita also made some short movie that is very interesting, they are about couple searching for each other. I also love how Nikita plays on the detail, zooming a lot and capturing the beautiful soft movement of fingers or little detail part of the events.

a lot and a lot of natural lights, beautiful sun-rays on the video too. They are so whimsical and pretty. I am sure you will be mesmerized by the works too. These videos are definetelly inspirations for me. I wish one day I can make the videos with this quality and creativity ... I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I do. Cheers

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