Friday, June 29

Bohemian Inspired - Fashion Style I like

I have to be honest with you here. I am not a fashionista, meaning I am not the one who goes out there and shop till i drop dead for fashion trend every season. I shop occasionally. I budget myself when come to shopping. On top of that Singapore is very hot and I am out-door most of the times without air-con, commuting from my daughter's school to her other extra classes. So I really prefer to be practical when come to my everyday style. I mostly pair everything with my jeans. I do love accessories , big chunky bangles and rings.

But above all, I love something ethnic, a little bit bohemian and vintage inspired. These clothing are one of my preferred style when come to style. I love the cooling material of this dresses as well. I like to be comfortable inside my clothing. Style is the least priority for me when come to dressing up. I don't dress for beauty ... I dress for comfort. 

I also found some nice video that match to this style inspiration which is bohemian, gypsy and a little bit nomadic look.

and lastly some nice tips on how to dress bohemian in TODAY's trend.

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