Sunday, June 10

French Riviera - a little touch of beauty along the Mediterranean coast

How are you? It has been a rough day for me to find an internet connection. Finally I found a very comfortable one in Paris. Yes! we are in Paris now. We are going to stay here for few days, before heading up to Geneva for a night and direct to Spain right after that.

We are on our second week in Europe. We had an awesome time in Italy as well as magnificent journey along the Mediteranian coast along French Riviera. I would recommend you to take train in Europe, as we discover more beautiful things along the way. 

I will try to upload some of my pictures here and there, I hope you enjoy what my eyes captured as the beauty of French Riviera. Cheers!

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  1. It would be so nice to see this sea some day! You are very blessed to live here.


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