Wednesday, June 13

my HomeMade - Macaroni Cheese

This is a simple recipe shared by my mom, until it becomes her trade-mark. Every-time she came over to Singapore to visit us, She would bake some for us. I can just froze them and heat them up anytime we want to eat it. My husband and my daughter love it. We can eat it as our afternoon tea break during the week-end or simply take it as a meal. It is quite filling and super yummy.

It is really easy to make, I don't have to sweat for it. All I need are the macaroni, milk, cheddar cheese, eggs, onion, garlic and salt n pepper. I use about 400 gr macaronis, 500 ml milk, 1 box of cheddar cheese about 250 gr, 1 big onion and 7 cloves of garlic {depend on your preference} and 7 eggs. For the filling it is up to you what do you want to use it with. It goes well with corned beef, sausages, shrimp, tuna or simply mix veggie.

First of all, boiled the macaroni with extra water, add in salt and oil to it. While waiting for the macaroni to boil, we can warm up our oven. Cut the onion, smash the garlic, shredded the cheddar cheese and mix the eggs. 

Stir fry the garlic and onion until lightly brown  then mix with the filling as you prefer, here I use ham and corned beef. Sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper. Take the macaroni, drained it and mix it with the onion and stir it well until they are fully mixed. Then pour the milk followed by the shredded cheese. And leave it for a while until they cool down BEFORE we mix the eggs. 

Only mix the eggs once the mixture is not too hot, so that the eggs do not get cooked along with the mixture. Stir it well so that the eggs mix well, and prepare them for bake. Before sending it to the oven, pour a little bit of eggs mixture on top of it and sprinkle some more shredded cheese and it is DONE!

Bake them well, some like it a bit brown some like it light brown just like my brother. So it is all up to you. This is a great recipe, a quick fix and easy to do. You can have the ingredients ready at your storage and ready to be used at any time. I love it ... my family LOVE it and maybe you too .... cheers!

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