Friday, June 1

my snapshots from last weeks ....

Me and my daughter hang out a lot together, be it after school time or during the week-end. Hubby travel overseas a lot of times, or he is just too busy with many of his responsibilities that he is holding now, be it on his job or his community work, so sometimes he has to burn the week-ends for that. Because of those reasons, I spend a lot of times hang out "just the two of us"{ me and my daughter }.

We don't go too far from our home, the furthest we go are three train stations away from our home. We love to hang out at J.Co for a good combo of hot cocoa, cappuccino and plain sugary donuts. Sometimes we love to explore pastries and cakes, we love pretty cakes and taste usually come second :p. And we do spend a lot of times at the library near home. We can sit there for hours just to read books. My daughter prefer to reads her books at the library, because she said "I can dedicate my time purely for reading when I am here". To read a bit about my daughter, visit my blog here. I do update that blog as and when I have the time.

There is one of our favorite stationery shop one train station away from our home. It is called URBAN WRITE, we can find many scrapbooking materials here and awesome office kits or home organizing items. Me and my daughter share the same interest a lot ... so we always look forward for our time hanging out together just exploring our hobby - window shopping for craft items and stationeries - . We enjoy looking at the design, it spark many inspiration for both of us.

We went to IKEA too last week. I had to update my membership with the new card IKEA given us. I love the new design of IKEA new family card. As usual we had our lunch there with our favorite fried chicken wings IKEA style. And check out these awesome new collections from IKEA. They are very very retro and vintage inspired. Love them ... I did not buy any, because I have things that I need at home, so I snapped some photos instead :p

So Yes! this is basically my snapshots from Last week. Thank you for reading, Cheers!

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