Monday, June 18

PROCRASTINATION - how to break it down!

To me this is a BIG WORD, a mental block at times and really can ruin your day just like that. It goes beyond the imagination how much the damage can be done from this action. I really hate it when it happened to me, days gone for FREE and I did not achieved anything at the end of the day.

I found this video from vimeo by Johnny Kelly Have a look on the video ....

Now what usually I do when this happened to me. Believe me it is not easy to break it down, I failed sometimes too. That is why I came up with all this things on my list below to overcome procrastinating.

  1. Keeping up list is always recommended, be it a planner, a journal or just simply a jolt down of list on a piece of paper. In the morning once you are ready to start the day, LIST DOWN all the things we need to do for the day. START with the IMPORTANCE first or the MOST difficult FIRST. 
  2. Clean up your work area or organize it before you start to work! It is better to start the day with a clean cut. I usually clean up my work space before I go to sleep. I make it a habit, so I can start fresh the next day without problem.
  3. START the work - make yourself comfortable, turn on the music if you want too. Just START it, push yourself to start it. forget about everything else, commit yourself to the list you had prepared earlier. Keep it up ... press it on, and you will eventually enjoy the boost :)
  4. CHECK, cross OUT the things that you had done. DO it proudly! I sometimes said to myself "YES! you are out of my way!"
  5. take a break if you have too between the task, not within the TASK. it is better to take a break after you completed one task. Keep it as a habit, because once you stop within the task and do something else ... there when the evil procrastination will conquer your mind. 
  6. and lastly .... all the best!
It might not be easy trust me! even for me now, i still have to struggle with it. cheers!

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