Friday, June 1

Roman's Holiday - Yes!

One of the classical romantic movie, a disney type version, a princess's life, and it is Audrey Hepburn. I used to watch a lot of MGM classic channel when I was in school last time. Watching the movie late at night with a popcorn and coke while doing my paper for school's project. I still remember those time, when it was winter, cuddling with my warm blanket and my laptop in front of me, killing midnight hours for essays while watching the classical movie.

I have never been to Rome in my life, but I will be there this coming Sunday, and I am very excited to see the great city after all. We love history, we watched history channel a lot, and so many weekends we spend some hours to watch series about Rome. So we feel Rome is so close to our heart and now we are all very excited to finally steps our feet on the land. I can not wait to witness Rome right in front of my eyes.

Just like Audrey on this movie, she was so excited about everything in that particular moment in ROME, because it is a HOLIDAY! Yes ... who does not love holiday?

let's watch the trailer a bit before I go to sleep, we have a long flight to catch tomorrow night about this time.

Good night everyone ....


  1. hahahaha who does not? thank you for the comment. sorry for being so late in replying i am still in europe and the internet connection is killing me.


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