Monday, June 11

What is Blogging for me -

Blogging for me is a journey. It is never be about numbers of statistic or followers. Off course that is a PLUS point of doing something GREAT to the community. Affirmation from others are something we can not neglect. That is a part and puzzle of being in creative journey.

However I will not go blind with that. Popularity or high numbers of followers are never be my main goal on being creative. The same goes with BLOGGING, i take it as a journey for my self-development. It is a path for me to learn something new every day. 

There are so much things I can learn and be inspired from others during my blogging journey. I learn about writing good post, designing my blogs, working with photo editing applications, social media know how as well as running a small marketing strategy. 

These are precious! These are hard work I had put in which I claim to be my HOBBY. I love doing it, it is fun being creative and learning something NEW every time. In fact, when the learning stops, that is my biggest worry of being exist in Social Media. So Yes! This is my LIFE JOURNEY.

BLOGGING is a LIFE journey for me ... hope you enjoy reading it. Thank's

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