Sunday, July 15

Art Journal - our new project

Hello! It's so GOOD ... it's bright sunny day on Sunday here in Singapore. I had mentioned yesterday I will be starting a new project with my daughter on top of few of other projects that I am currently doing. Yes! we are making our own dooling journal, art journal, junk journal ... what ever you might call it.

We are intensively inspired by two talented ladies in this area, Jennibellie and TangieBaxter on making this project, and more so by TangieBaxter.

We don't know when we are going to finish this project, BUT we have pulled all the things that we need and have to be crafted inside this journal. We only do it, when we have time in between our busy schedule.

My daughter is very excited about this project, she loves the idea that this will be our journal together. And one thing I learn today while doing the work together with my daughter. I actually had quoted it on my facebook :

"I realize when working with creativity especially with children - we learn to be patient, holding our thought, give them space, willing to bare the cost, allowing mistakes and TRUST them "

Happy Sunday all .....

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  1. Hey - your journals are lovely!

    Just so you know I am your Jewelry Swapper Sender!

    I am sending out your jewelry tomorrow from the UK. I hope, hope, hope it gets to you in time for the 30th (and that you love it of course).

    Have a great day!



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