Thursday, July 12

Brash Basah - a hidden treasure in Singapore

Honestly I am not a town explorer in my own country. There are many reasons for that, my busy schedule at home plus my daughter's activity and I don't have a car, so most of the time I have to commute with public transportation. That alone requires most of my time daily, so I really hardly move around too far from my hometown, Pasir Ris in Singapore.

But since I have a project to complete, YES! I am making my own product to sell finally. I had completed working on the design template, the next is actually to start printing them and put them into packaging before finally uploading them to my online shops. More to come for this ... please stay tune :)

I have been looking around for printing company that can help me with my products since my printer at home has limited capabilities. I am also looking for some arts material for my personal project. Yes! I want to venture out making art journal myself, and my daughter will be gladly join me on this project as well. This will be our project. 

Because of the two reasons above, I had stranded myself to a place name Bras Basah Complex in Singapore. Click here to actually bring you to the map of the location of the place I am referring too. And I can tell you this place is a hidden treasure for me. I wish I know about them for long time, well I heard about it but I never could Imagine the collections they have inside.

I am sure there must be some other awesome places in Singapore waiting for me to explore :p Oh Well! only if I have the time on my side. Anyway let me share with you some of the pictures I had taken from one of the book shop there.

Just browsing at their collections, I know I will be keep coming back here for more. It is not only the books they are selling but bunch of crazy awesome inspiration are so much to obtain just from this one place. So many cool design, colors and patterns that I can actually be inspired from. 

This shop even has a book how to design packaging - i need this really! I am in the middle of designing my own brand packaging as well. However these books are not cheap, and I can understand that, they are special unique collections. The book shop divided into three categories, Design Graphic, Illustration Design and Interior/Architecture Design. 

I only spent about one hour there, and I know it was not enough. And I did not have much money to spend as well to buy anything from this amazing shop. This month my budget goes to the art materials we need. So I have to reschedule my intense visit to this shop. 

Not only I am super glad to find this shop, I got all the art materials I need and I found the printing company as an unexpected bonus of going to this place. I am a super Happy One, and I am ready to rock in my weekend with completing my product.

Happy Day All! Keep that smiles ...  cheers!


  1. The colors and graphics on the books are lovely! :)

    Fabulously Vintage

  2. Hi Shannon thank you so much for stopping by my blog.


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