Tuesday, July 10

Doodling! Going wild with pattern

source: alisaburke.blog

source: alisaburke. blog

i found her from pinterest, my daughter loves doodling that what inspire me to collect beautiful works of doodling from the internet. i hope my collections would inspire her and me off course. if you are looking at these works by alisa burke, you just can not get enough of it. They are beautiful and full of amazing pretty colors.

In pinterest there are many pulls of wonderful inspiration and tutorial on how to do the doodling. one of them is from Peg Schoening. I love her finding, you can click here to see what are the things she had collected for doodling subject. Another pull of great collection of doodling is from Ms.Sadie under her Zentangle Art, click here to check it out.

I also had found this video on youtube, it shows us some simple technique how to develop an arty doodling.

oh well! i hope it will inspire you one day! cheers!

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